Non-UK Casinos - The UK's Biggest Gaming Haul Is Coming From Offshore

Non-UK Casinos – The UK’s Biggest Gaming Haul Is Coming From Offshore

Non-UK casinos are the UK’s biggest gaming haul and they’re attracting punters from all over the world. With more than 100 different games to choose from, there’s something for everyone. And with no deposit necessary, these casinos are perfect for recreational players and those who want to try their hand at gambling for the first time. Some of the best non-UK casinos include those in Malta, Gibraltar, Canada and the USA.

In the past year, UK casinos have been losing out on a lot of their gaming revenue – it’s been coming in from overseas. In fact, according to The Guardian, the UK’s biggest gaming haul is coming from offshore casinos. This is thanks to the increase in online gambling, as well as the growth of mobile and social casino gaming. The main beneficiaries of this trend have been US casinos, which are now the UK’s second-biggest source of gaming revenue. But this isn’t just a British problem – offshore casinos have been doing very well all over Europe, and in some cases they’re even outperforming traditional UK casinos. This raises some questions about the future of UK gambling. On the one hand, it’s great to see that there are so many new and innovative ways to gamble. On the other hand, if offshore casinos continue to take away a large chunk of UK casino revenue, it could have serious implications for both the industry and government revenues.

Understanding jurisdiction and regulation for offshore gaming

In the past couple of years, the UK gaming industry has been hit hard by the global recession. In its most recent quarterly report released in December 2009, GVC Group, a consultancy that specializes in the gambling and casino industries, reported that total betting turnover in the UK had decreased by 13% from £4.8 billion to £4.3 billion between 2008 and 2009. This is despite increased spending amongst British consumers on other forms of leisure activities such as cinema and music festivals.

The slump in UK gambling has been linked to a number of factors including tougher regulation in other countries, which have led to a decline in gambling activity; an increase in online gambling which has bypassed traditional casinos; and competition from new operators such as those based offshore. There are now over 130 licensed offshore casinos operating in 34 countries around the world – more than double the number of Non UK Casinos which operate in 18 countries. The biggest operator of offshore casinos is Las Vegas-based MGM Mirage, which operates nine casinos worldwide, including three in the UK.  British online gambling operators are cashing in on the UK’s exit from the European Union. The Leave campaign’s promise to repeal the UK’s strict gaming regulation regime has already led to a surge in offshore betting companies looking to set up shop in the UK. Many offshore operators are licensed by their home country’s gambling regulator, allowing them to legally operate within those jurisdictions. However, some countries don’t have such a licensing regime, meaning that offshore operators who offer their services to UK punters are breaking the law.

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